Saturday, September 1, 2007

Progress update


So i haven't really been following my plan but my essay is finally taking shape and i've decided on a different format.

I'm having great difficulty of trying to adequately incorporate my example which is the the national tobacco campaign so i've decided to split my essay into 2 halves.

For the first half of the essay im doing to run through beliefs, attitudes, formation of attitudes, attitude change, persuasion (strategies, techniques ect).
For every topic i have a couple of theories and some research to back them up.

And for the second half of the essay i'm going to do what i'm calling a case study. So basically i'm going to run through why and how the NTC is trying to change smoking attitudes and go into quite a bit of detail about it's persuasion strategy and advertising techniques and finally i'm going to evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy based on my own oppinions, recent statistics and a couple of newspaper articles i've come accross.

I've never tried a format like this before so for now I'm using headings and sub-headings, and i'll probably leave them in when i submit it so that it's easier to follow.

Thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

P.S This is a dumb question, but we have to submit at 9 on monday..i assume that's 9am..anyone want to calrify that?

Happy blogging everyone!

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James Neill said...

This approach sounds very reasonable; yes 9am Monday.