Friday, August 31, 2007

The plan...

Hi Everyone,

So i've started writing up my draft (probably 2/3 of the way there!) so i'll put up a copy on my blog maybe tonight if i can find the energy to finish it.

But for now i'm going to give u an outline of where I have been, and where i'm going with my essay.

I've also tried to put some video's up but it's a bit tricky (and i'm technically challenged) i'm going to try and follow James' instructions later this afternoon and get them up on here ASAP.

So heres the plan..

Abstract and Inro

About smoking in general (some ABS stats)

About the National Tobacco Campaign

Brief outline of beliefs and attitudes (implicit and explicit)

How attitudes are formed ( a little bit on classical conditioning)

How attitudes can be changed: (persuasion)
1. Yale attitude change approach (Carl Hovland)
2. Elaboration likelihood model
3. Knowledge-Action Model

Techniques used to change attitudes:
(specifically those used by the NTC)

Outcome/success of the NTC so far


Concept map

That's it for now!

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