Friday, October 26, 2007

Concept map

Hi Everyone,

This is my concept map so far ( i may edit it again before my final submission) I'll upload it for everyone to see so you can get an idea of exactly where im going with my blog. Keep in mind i'll probably only go into detail for 2 theories (at this stage Knapp's Relational Development Model and the Stimulus-value-role model). Im having a bit of trouble finding a theory which has a power struggle stage (or equivelent) which is academic enough to discuss. Plus, i'm running out of words so i might just write a short paragraph on power struggles in relationships and evidence that with a few goods examples and solid research. Also, I may be publishing a link to Beck's (Rebekah Powell) blog which discusses beauty and what is considered attractive and why. As for the rest of the theories, i'm considering tabling them according to similarities in stages as suggested by James.

Thanks - comments more than welcome!

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James Neill said...

This is looking good - clear, detailed, focused.

Re "power struggle" - there are various ways you might include this e.g., as a criticism of existing models that they don't seem to represent this seemingly common 'negotiation' or 'norming' phase; or as a suggestion of a model for further investigation.