Wednesday, October 24, 2007

This short clip that i pulled from you tube talks about 5 stages of relationships (which im going to do a bit of research on as they are different from what i've already looked at) but what is interesting is that they talk about every relationship concluding (i.e. breaking up or til death do us part!) Well, anyway they have an interesting take on the 'predictability' of ALL relationships.

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James Neill said...

Interesting. I was going to comment on your plan to remember the 'closure' stages. But the 'power struggle' stage was particularly interesting to me because I don't think its emphasised in other models. This reminds of the group development stage model by Tucker et al - forming, storming (power struggle), norming, and performing + they added a closure stage later.

If this has model has reasonable academic backing I would definitely include it in your essay.